We are very excited to announce that we have just begun a long-term partnership with M/I Homes! M/I Homes is a national home builder that is based out of Ohio and focuses on homes that fall into the $300,000 to $450,000 price range. You can learn more about them here.

We are currently working with M/I Homes on two construction projects: two subdivisions in Cedar Park and Austin. For these projects, which started earlier this month, we put down eight 30-yard construction dumpsters at several of the home sites. Usually with this type of job, we expect about three or four waste hauls per home. M/I Homes is planning to build 350 houses over the next year, and at three plus hauls a home, that’s a lot of trash!

M/I Homes is planning on starting at least ten more subdivisions in the Austin area over the next year, and we are excited to be able to work with them on these construction projects as well. This is part of the Ohio-based company’s expansion into Austin, which started in October of last year, following its entrance into the Texas housing market in 2010.

From these hauls, we expect to get a lot of construction scraps and other similar materials that we will be able to recycle so that they can be reused to make other construction materials. We are a LEED-certified Austin dumpster rental service, which means that we have distinguished ourselves as a company that practices sustainable business through heightened efficiency and reduced environmental impact and with environmental awareness. One of the most obvious ways that we retain this certification is through our recycling program. To read more about what types of waste we haul (which is pretty much everything that isn’t hazardous) visit our FAQ page.