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Austin's #1 Commercial Hauler
We’re Providing Recycling Hauling in Austin for New Student Housing Construction

We’re Providing Recycling Hauling in Austin for New Student Housing Construction

We’re currently working with JE Dunn Construction on a new 6-story student housing development near the University of Texas at Austin’s west campus. We’ve stocked the construction site with both 20-yard and 40-yard dumpsters, and we’re providing regular recycling hauling.

The new student housing is located at 24th Street and San Gabriel and will be called Regents West at 24th. It is a sister-site to the Regents West at 26th student housing building located just a few blocks away. Both apartment communities offer efficiency studios up to five-bedroom apartments with a variety of unique floor plans. Located within walking distance of the University of Texas at Austin, the apartment community will also offer a regular shuttle service to transport students to and from campus. Other amenities include wireless high-speed internet, a study lounge, a 24-hour fitness center, and on-site maintenance. Regents West is currently leasing units for the upcoming 2014-2015 school year.

In Austin, it is mandatory for all construction sites to recycle debris. As a LEED AP-certified recycling hauler, AYD is ready and well-informed to provide recycling hauling services for Austin residents, businesses and new development. On brand new construction sites, we easily recycle 95-98% of all construction debris materials, which often include concrete, drywall, wood, metal and paper.

Per LEED requirements, we also provide clients with an exact, calculated breakdown showing the total tons of materials hauled and the percentage recycled. In addition, we’re able to provide multiple hauls each day if needed, swapping out dumpsters and transporting loaded dumpsters to the appropriate recycling center or landfill. This keeps construction projects running smoothly and efficiently.

Based in Kansas City, JE Dunn Construction has been in the industry for more than 85 years. The company expanded outside of Kansas City and now counts 20 office locations across the United States. In 2012, JE Dunn ranked as the twelfth largest general building company in the US.

For more about our services and environmental initiatives, please visit our About Us page.

Cavemen May Have Discovered Recycling but We Know How to Do it On a Large Scale

Cavemen May Have Discovered Recycling but We Know How to Do it On a Large Scale

hauling recycling in austin tx

Did you know cavemen were active recyclers? That’s right! Our prehistoric ancestors collected and reused discarded, broken or otherwise abandoned tools made of bone or flint to create new utensils. The behavior was discovered by archaeologists in countries across the globe from Spain to North Africa, Italy to Israel, and some cases date back as far as 1.3 million years ago!

Unlike our current motivations to protect the environment and reduce pollution, early forms of recycling were a basic survival strategy. Our early ancestors did share a similar motivation with us, though: to conserve energy and materials. This led to them reusing tools repeatedly, sometimes over thousands of years!

As one of the leading waste disposal companies in Texas, we’re committed to doing more than hauling trash to the dump. As a LEED-certified business, we promote initiatives like the Texas Environmental Quality Initiatives Program and community beautification projects that create a cleaner, greener community, and that’s why we recycle.

Plenty of construction debris — concrete, asphalt, shingles, gypsum wallboard (also know as drywall), wood and metals — can be recycled. When we haul away debris, these materials are sorted and delivered to local recycling plants or power plants that convert the materials into fuel. Recycling keeps construction costs down and large debris out of landfills.

Concrete, for example, is often recycled. Through several crushing processes, large chunks of concrete are ground down and used as a replacement for gravel in other construction, landscaping or building projects. In fact, 140 million tons of concrete alone are recycled each year just in the United States! Drywall is often recycled to recover the gypsum content, which can be reused to manufacture new drywall, in the production of cement or as an ingredient in fertilizer.

For more information about the recycling and hauling services we offer, please give us a call at (512) 272-5400.

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Announcing Our New Austin Dumpster Rental Partnership

Announcing Our New Austin Dumpster Rental Partnership

We are very excited to announce that we have just begun a long-term partnership with M/I Homes! M/I Homes is a national home builder that is based out of Ohio and focuses on homes that fall into the $300,000 to $450,000 price range. You can learn more about them here.

We are currently working with M/I Homes on two construction projects: two subdivisions in Cedar Park and Austin. For these projects, which started earlier this month, we put down eight 30-yard construction dumpsters at several of the home sites. Usually with this type of job, we expect about three or four waste hauls per home. M/I Homes is planning to build 350 houses over the next year, and at three plus hauls a home, that’s a lot of trash!

M/I Homes is planning on starting at least ten more subdivisions in the Austin area over the next year, and we are excited to be able to work with them on these construction projects as well. This is part of the Ohio-based company’s expansion into Austin, which started in October of last year, following its entrance into the Texas housing market in 2010.

From these hauls, we expect to get a lot of construction scraps and other similar materials that we will be able to recycle so that they can be reused to make other construction materials. We are a LEED-certified Austin dumpster rental service, which means that we have distinguished ourselves as a company that practices sustainable business through heightened efficiency and reduced environmental impact and with environmental awareness. One of the most obvious ways that we retain this certification is through our recycling program. To read more about what types of waste we haul (which is pretty much everything that isn’t hazardous) visit our FAQ page.


Renting Construction Dumpsters for School Construction in Austin

Renting Construction Dumpsters for School Construction in Austin

We have been working on some exciting projects with the University of Texas at Austin all summer! Back in May we worked with Spawglass and Precision Demolition during the remodeling of the university’s geography building. This was a hefty job—during almost the entire month of May, we did three or four hauls a day, picking up and dropping off the 20 yard concrete boxes from the site.

Now we are doing even more work related to the University of Texas. You have probably heard about the exciting new Regents Buildings, which are student housing complexes going up on 26th Street and 24th Street near the university. These are brand new, upscale apartment style student housing buildings, and they are way cooler than the dorms that any of us had when we were in college. The Regents on 26th complex is almost done, and they have started showing models. You can also see pictures of the rooms on the Regents Facebook page. For this building, we have up to six dumpsters on site at a time. The dumpsters we have been using are 20 yard concrete boxes and 40 yard construction dumpsters for the debris.

The building on 26th Street is wrapping up in time for school to start, and we have just started work on the Regents on 24th Street this month. Because the job is just beginning, we are currently using a 40 yard construction dumpster, but as the project gets rolling more, we will also have 20 yard concrete boxes and more construction dumpsters on site.

We have been really happy to work with JE Dunn, the general contractor, on these two projects!

It is a popular time for school construction in Austin right now… we are also working with the Lake Travis Independent School District on the remodeling and construction of Hudson Bend Middle School, which is an ongoing project that we are using 30 yard dumpsters and 20 yard concrete dumpsters for. This is another substantial job—currently we have eight dumpsters on site, which are all being hauled daily!

For more information about how to rent a dumpster in Austin, check out our FAQ!

National Safety Week: Safety Tips for Restaurant Workers

National Safety Week: Safety Tips for Restaurant Workers

The National Safety Council has declared June National Safety Month. This is the council’s way of emphasizing the importance of workplace safety to employers and workers alike. Both parties should always know that an employee’s safety is always the first priority.

At AYD Waste Services, we provide restaurants and retail centers with trash compactor services, so we often deal with restaurant employees and others in the service industry. That being so, we thought we would offer our advice for restaurant safety, especially as it deals with garbage disposal.

Here are our top safety tips for restaurant workers:

  1. Wear non-slip shoes. Did you know that slips and falls are some of the most common workplace accidents? We are sure any seasoned restaurant employee knows that they should wear non-slips, but part of National Safety Month is driving home this kind of basic. Among other instances, non-slips protect you while coming back inside if you have to take the trash out in the rain.
  2. When throwing away sharp object like broken glass, double bag them. This will help prevent getting cut with glass if it pokes through the bag. Getting a puncture wound with glass that has been sitting in the garbage all day could result in a nasty infection.
  3.  Be careful when taking the trash out at night. We would love to be able to recommend that restaurant workers take a buddy with them, but we know that this is not always possible. When you take the garbage out at the end of the night, be aware of your surroundings, take a light if possible, leave the door propped open, and tell somebody what you are doing.
  4. Be mindful of the chemicals and cleaners you are disposing of. Screw the caps of bottles on tightly to prevent leakage and contact with your skin. Dispose of hazardous materials responsibly.
  5. Wash your hands! Again, we’re sure that we don’t have to tell restaurant workers to do this during their shift, but it can be easy to forget to wash them at the end of your shift. This will help prevent the spread of disease, both from handling trash and other people’s eating utensils.

For more information about National Safety Month, visit the National Safety Council online. Please remember to practice safety precautions like these at all times, not just during Safety Month.

Recyclable Materials You May Not Have Known About

Recyclable Materials You May Not Have Known About

recyclable items

Offices and commercial spaces have many recyclable materials that you may not have been aware of. According to the Cuyahoga Ccounty Solid Waste District, items in the office that can be recyclable include packing materials, carpeting, keys, and even break room supplies. It’s good to keep a recycling bin handy (it may even be required depending on your location) for these types of products rather than throwing them away and filling up unnecessary space in landfills. AYD Waste knows about recycling because we are an environment-friendly dumpster rental company. Although we do not fulfill residential/neighborhood requests, we do work with offices and commercial retailers when it comes to hauling away junk and even recycling. Call us today to find out more!

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Eco-friendly Waste Management Strategies

Eco-friendly Waste Management Strategies

This month, we came across some interesting information about others in the waste management industry that are doing what they can to be green.

The American Environmental Landfill is working with the Oklahoma Municipal Power Authority of the Oklahoma Department of Energy to sequester methane produced by the landfill that will be converted to electricity and used to power generators. In order to do this, gasses from the landfill are pumped into a processing plant that uses them to power a generator that creates electricity. This is good for the environment because the methane is not being released into the atmosphere, where it would act as a powerful greenhouse gas. Also, the generator is being powered by an existing source of energy, which cuts down on consumption.

Update: Our hearts go out to the residents of Oklahoma as they recover from storm damage. To make a donation to the Red Cross, please visit


Renting Dumpsters in Austin for Seaholm Power Plant Demolition and Redevelopment

Renting Dumpsters in Austin for Seaholm Power Plant Demolition and Redevelopment

AYD Waste has recently begun a demolition project in downtown Austin as the first phase in the redevelopment of the Seaholm Power Plant and the surrounding properties. The power plant has become a beloved historical landmark in Austin, and was originally set to be demolished completely, but was saved by citizens of Austin and city officials who want to retain the plant’s historical and cultural value.

The Seaholm Power Plant was built in the 1950s, and its iconic art deco architecture is part of what has made it so beloved by the city. The redevelopment project is set to create over 200 jobs and $2 million in tax revenue as the power plant and the surrounding property are transformed into a mixed use residential, commercial, and cultural development. The project is set to be designed around the architecture of the historical, art-deco Seaholm Power Plant, and will cater to Austin’s historical, cultural, and business needs. The design includes plans for shops, restaurants, apartments, and cultural venues.

AYD is pleased to announce our work with Flintco and Precision Demolition on the project. We have leased full size construction dumpsters to the demolition portion of the work, which should result in 60-75 hauls of construction waste, much of which will be recycled. We are very happy that Seaholm has been saved and look forward to seeing the new development.