eco-friendly waste management

Last month, we did a series of blogs about how our dumpster rental company strives to lessen our impact on the environment by recycling all possible materials that we collect during our jobs. This month, we came across some interesting information about others in the waste management industry that are doing what they can to be green.

The American Environmental Landfill is working with the Oklahoma Municipal Power Authority of the Oklahoma Department of Energy to sequester methane produced by the landfill that will be converted to electricity and used to power generators. In order to do this, gasses from the landfill are pumped into a processing plant that uses them to power a generator that creates electricity. This is good for the environment because the methane is not being released into the atmosphere, where it would act as a powerful greenhouse gas. Also, the generator is being powered by an existing source of energy, which cuts down on consumption.

For more information about this topic, see our blog about landfill methane.

Update: Our hearts go out to the residents of Oklahoma as they recover from storm damage. To make a donation to the Red Cross, please visit

photo credit: TebNad / photoxpress