How many leprechauns could you fit in a dumpster? Well, it pretty much depends on the size of your dumpster and the girth of your leprechauns. But, for the sake of argument, let’s take our 40 yard construction dumpsters and say that all of your leprechauns have kept up with their gym memberships. Why do you have all these leprechauns? I don’t know; they’re your leprechauns. Maybe you are throwing a Saint Patrick’s Day party and you need caterers, or you’re planning a tiny green flashmob.

Anyway. A full sized dumpster at 40 square yards has an area of 1320 feet. Leprechauns, if they aren’t too fat, generally clock in at three feet tall and aren’t going to be much wider than 2 feet. So if you’ve got leprechauns that are about 6 square feet, you could fit 220 of them in a 40 yard dumpster, if you packed them in there like sardines. Just remember though, they aren’t going to grant you any wishes or tell you where the gold is if you make them mad. But they might make your dumpster rental lucky!

NOTE: AYD Waste does not condone the abuse or entrapment of any living creature magical or not, nor will we haul away your leprechauns. See our FAQ for answers as to why, although that should be obvious. You got yourself into this mess, so you’ll have to get rid of them yourself. Most other messes though, we’ve got you covered. Also, all AYD Waste dumpsters are automatically lucky, no leprechaun required.