We have recently implemented a new electronic sales system using iPads to better serve the waste management needs of our current and future clients in Austin.

The system has many benefits for us and also improves our customer service. The new iPad system will allow each of our outside sales reps to spend more time in the field assisting customers and making new connections. The iPads will improve efficiency and allow each sales rep to enter information in real time, keeping colleagues updated while on-the-go.

The benefits for our clients and customers are numerous. The real-time data entry is going to improve efficiency, timing and outreach. We’ll be able to better track delivery and pickup dates and the electronic filing means that urgent services (like a last-minute dumpster haul or container pickup) can be performed quickly and more efficiently.

The biggest benefit for our customers is better timing. Using an iPad will help bring our antiquated application system into the modern era. Previously, before a dumpster could be delivered, a signed contract and credit card form needed to be returned to our office. This was typically a multi-step process that required email and faxing a physical form. Now, with the iPads, customers can fill out a contract, sign it and submit it electronically to our office. In just a few minutes and with a few simple key strokes, we will be able to expedite dumpster deliveries.

In addition, we’re proud to announce that we’ve added another outside sales representative to our staff. Amber Fikes joined our team a few weeks ago. A lifelong resident of Austin, she brings extensive sales, customer service and real estate experience to AYD. Growing our staff and implementing modern procedures will continue to improve our ability to quickly and affordably assist construction and demolition customers here in Austin.

“I love customer service and sales because every day there is something new and there are always interesting challenges to overcome,” said Amber. “This job keeps things exciting!”

We’re excited to have her at AYD!