We are currently working with Watermark Commercial Contractors with the construction of new 410-unit apartment complex in Austin. Situated north of Downtown near Austin State Hospital, the apartment community will be located at 4108 Avenue F and does not yet have a name.

We have multiple dumpster sizes on site to accommodate the various types of debris and refuse generated from the construction. One 40-yard dumpster will collect all of the general waste like paper, cardboard, plastic, glass and wood. A smaller 20-yard dumpster is also on site to collect concrete. This size is essential for collecting and transporting bulky and heavy materials like brick, concrete or even dirt to ensure safety of the construction workers, AYD employees and the staff at local landfills and recycling centers.

First, the 20-yard dumpster is a bit easier to fill which is important when you’re loading heavy items that are more difficult to handle. Second, this size is much harder to overload. A dumpster that is overfilled is heavier which means more expense for the contractors. It can also be a safety hazard because heavier dumpsters may be harder to load on our transportation trucks and more difficult to empty.

Both dumpsters are “on call.” This means that we’ll haul each dumpster to be emptied whenever it is required. This flexibility means that the construction job can stay on schedule and won’t be delayed waiting on a dumpster.

We’ve assisted on the construction of student housing for the University of Texas campus in Austin as well as other apartment complexes and office buildings. The city is ever-expanding and we pride ourselves on supporting the local economy and the growth of our city.

If you’re working on apartment construction in Austin, please call us to discuss your waste management needs. We have a variety of dumpster sizes available, offer same-day service and can provide a flexible hauling schedule to meet the needs and goals of your project.