AYD Waste has recently begun a demolition project in downtown Austin as the first phase in the redevelopment of the Seaholm Power Plant and the surrounding properties. The power plant has become a beloved historical landmark in Austin, and was originally set to be demolished completely, but was saved by citizens of Austin and city officials who want to retain the plant’s historical and cultural value.

The Seaholm Power Plant was built in the 1950s, and its iconic art deco architecture is part of what has made it so beloved by the city. The redevelopment project is set to create over 200 jobs and $2 million in tax revenue as the power plant and the surrounding property are transformed into a mixed use residential, commercial, and cultural development. The project is set to be designed around the architecture of the historical, art-deco Seaholm Power Plant, and will cater to Austin’s historical, cultural, and business needs. The design includes plans for shops, restaurants, apartments, and cultural venues.

AYD is pleased to announce our work with Flintco and Precision Demolition on the project. We have leased full size construction dumpsters to the demolition portion of the work, which should result in 60-75 hauls of construction waste, much of which will be recycled. We are very happy that Seaholm has been saved and look forward to seeing the new development.