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AYD Waste Signs Three New Permanent Contracts with CIP Construction

AYD Waste Signs Three New Permanent Contracts with CIP Construction

At Your Disposal (AYD) Waste Services, an Austin, Texas dumpster rental and construction recycling company, has landed three permanent contracts with CIP Construction.

At Your Disposal Waste Services announced today that it has signed 3 permanent contracts with CIP Construction in care of Carroll Management. These contracts will help reduce waste and prevent any remaining materials from slowing down progress within the construction sites.

“That’s what we are here for. To help recycle and repurpose materials and to keep construction sites clean and safe,” says Chuck Herb, owner of AYD Waste Services. “We are so pleased to have signed with CIP Construction. It is important to us at AYD to provide the best service for contractors.”

CIP Construction has purchased three self-contained compactors for three separate properties, including The Davies Project, Hollybrook Ranch, and Carroll at Rivery Ranch. These self-contained compacters have an automatic machine that compresses waste and are made for waste that may contain liquid or food, so leakage between the compactor and receiver box can be avoided. During construction and post construction, these compactors are ideal for all three properties.

“Our expertise in recycling and waste management will help CIP Construction finish their projects efficiently and safely,” says Herb.

As a result of AYD’s expertise and leadership, CIP Construction company has also signed a five-year haul agreement with AYD for each compactor. This final component of the two company’s partnership is indicative of the confidence CIP has in Chuck Herb and his team.

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