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National Safety Week: Safety Tips for Restaurant Workers

National Safety Week: Safety Tips for Restaurant Workers

The National Safety Council has declared June National Safety Month. This is the council’s way of emphasizing the importance of workplace safety to employers and workers alike. Both parties should always know that an employee’s safety is always the first priority.

At AYD Waste Services, we provide restaurants and retail centers with trash compactor services, so we often deal with restaurant employees and others in the service industry. That being so, we thought we would offer our advice for restaurant safety, especially as it deals with garbage disposal.

Here are our top safety tips for restaurant workers:

  1. Wear non-slip shoes. Did you know that slips and falls are some of the most common workplace accidents? We are sure any seasoned restaurant employee knows that they should wear non-slips, but part of National Safety Month is driving home this kind of basic. Among other instances, non-slips protect you while coming back inside if you have to take the trash out in the rain.
  2. When throwing away sharp object like broken glass, double bag them. This will help prevent getting cut with glass if it pokes through the bag. Getting a puncture wound with glass that has been sitting in the garbage all day could result in a nasty infection.
  3.  Be careful when taking the trash out at night. We would love to be able to recommend that restaurant workers take a buddy with them, but we know that this is not always possible. When you take the garbage out at the end of the night, be aware of your surroundings, take a light if possible, leave the door propped open, and tell somebody what you are doing.
  4. Be mindful of the chemicals and cleaners you are disposing of. Screw the caps of bottles on tightly to prevent leakage and contact with your skin. Dispose of hazardous materials responsibly.
  5. Wash your hands! Again, we’re sure that we don’t have to tell restaurant workers to do this during their shift, but it can be easy to forget to wash them at the end of your shift. This will help prevent the spread of disease, both from handling trash and other people’s eating utensils.

For more information about National Safety Month, visit the National Safety Council online. Please remember to practice safety precautions like these at all times, not just during Safety Month.