hauling recycling in austin tx

Did you know cavemen were active recyclers? That’s right! Our prehistoric ancestors collected and reused discarded, broken or otherwise abandoned tools made of bone or flint to create new utensils. The behavior was discovered by archaeologists in countries across the globe from Spain to North Africa, Italy to Israel, and some cases date back as far as 1.3 million years ago!

Unlike our current motivations to protect the environment and reduce pollution, early forms of recycling were a basic survival strategy. Our early ancestors did share a similar motivation with us, though: to conserve energy and materials. This led to them reusing tools repeatedly, sometimes over thousands of years!

As one of the leading waste disposal companies in Texas, we’re committed to doing more than hauling trash to the dump. As a LEED-certified business, we promote initiatives like the Texas Environmental Quality Initiatives Program and community beautification projects that create a cleaner, greener community, and that’s why we recycle.

Plenty of construction debris — concrete, asphalt, shingles, gypsum wallboard (also know as drywall), wood and metals — can be recycled. When we haul away debris, these materials are sorted and delivered to local recycling plants or power plants that convert the materials into fuel. Recycling keeps construction costs down and large debris out of landfills.

Concrete, for example, is often recycled. Through several crushing processes, large chunks of concrete are ground down and used as a replacement for gravel in other construction, landscaping or building projects. In fact, 140 million tons of concrete alone are recycled each year just in the United States! Drywall is often recycled to recover the gypsum content, which can be reused to manufacture new drywall, in the production of cement or as an ingredient in fertilizer.

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Photo credit: Ernest Prim/Photoxpress