We just began a Downtown Austin new construction project, working with JE Dunn on the construction of a nine-story commercial office building. We just dropped off the first 20-yard dumpster last week. In the weeks and months ahead, we anticipate there will be three to four dumpsters on site with regular hauling every week.

This construction project is LEED-certified. The certification has additional requirements and obligations for general contractors, especially when handling construction debris and refuse. Our LEED-AP certification enables us to support the construction project by facilitating recycling of all debris and providing detailed reports or other information deemed necessary to successfully complete the project.

Did you know that LEED certified buildings have aided in reducing greenhouse gases and waste by consuming 25% less waste than their counterparts?

The majority of new construction projects undertaken here in Austin have LEED or other green building requirements. These projects are leaders in social and environmental responsibility and support the City of Austin’s Zero Waste initiative programs.

As Austin strives to decrease the amount of waste generated by new construction projects and minimize the city’s carbon footprint, it is crucial for new projects to follow these standards and utilize the expertise of companies such as AYD.

The new commercial office building will be located at 1301 San Antonio Street in the West End neighborhood, just a few blocks from the Texas Capitol building. The project should wrap in late summer or early fall of 2015.

We recycle, on average, 98% or more of all debris from new construction. We will also haul and dispose of your non-recyclables so there’s no need to contract with multiple companies to provide the same or similar services. If you are planning a LEED construction project in the city of Austin, please contact us to discuss your refuse recycling requirements.

Photo Credit: © Viktar Naumik/Photoxpress