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Austin Dumpster Rental & Recycling Company AYD Waste Services Educates Customers About Construction Recycling

Austin Dumpster Rental & Recycling Company AYD Waste Services Educates Customers About Construction Recycling

This past month, At Your Disposal (AYD) Waste Services, an Austin, Texas dumpster rental and construction recycling company, has been making an extra effort to educate its customers about the importance of recycling in addition to showing them proper recycling procedures.

Construction and demolition (C and D) waste that ends up in landfills can take centuries to degrade, which is harmful to the environment and consumes valuable landfill space—space which is becoming harder and harder to come by. At Your Disposal (AYD) Waste Services, an Austin, Texas, dumpster rental and construction recycling company, is doing its part to turn this trend around. This past month, AYD has been reaching out to its commercial customers through various means of communication to educate them about the importance of recycling and proper recycling procedures.

“In the past, construction companies typically disposed of C and D waste by sending it to landfills,” observes Chuck Herb, owner of AYD Waste Services. “But today, more and more construction companies are realizing that recycling this waste is a much better option. This is something we’ve really been trying to educate our customers about. Not only does recycling save energy and reduce greenhouse gases, it can also help improve a company’s bottom-line.”

The challenge, according to Herb, is that many contractors and commercial businesses do not understand what materials can and can’t be recycled. In particular, LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design)-certified dumpsters, have become a big issue.

“The Austin City Ordinance and all the C and D recycling facilities are putting a magnifying glass on LEED dumpsters,” Herb says. “The price is increasing to have all of these dumpsters inspected, weighed and then reported on how all the material is being recycled.”

LEED is a third-party green building certification program, promoting the design, construction and maintenance of environmentally-friendly buildings. To acquire this certification, building projects must be compliant with a waste management recycling plan. This includes having LEED dumpsters on the job site (which contain discarded materials that can be recycled), as opposed to standard dumpsters (which are sent to landfills).

Adding to the challenge is that different recycling centers have different procedures. One of the main recycling facilities that AYD uses just allows C and D material into their site. This means that only certain LEED recycling materials can go into the dumpsters which are taken to that facility. Concrete, rebar, tin, steel, other types of metal, lumber and wood, brush, stumps, general yard waste, paper and cardboard all are acceptable. Paint cans, refrigerators, freezers, dirt, sheetrock, ceiling tiles, food, air conditioning units, burn barrels, burnt trash, particle board, carpet shingles and liquids are not acceptable in LEED loads going to this recycling center.

In contrast, Herb explains, “another recycling facility that we use allows just about anything into a LEEDS dumpster and will hand separate all the material into grids, weigh the material individually, and then recycle it.” Because this recycling center isn’t so strict about what goes into the dumpster, that may make things easier for the construction crew that’s disposing the materials, he adds, “but you have to know that you can’t operate the same way with the dumpsters that are sent to the other facility that IS more strict.”

One other concern that Herb has been discussing with his customers is that recycling centers also vary in terms of their standards. “Not every facility that calls themselves a ‘recycling center’ is actually a certified, legitimate recycling center,” he explains. “Some companies say they are recycling, and may offer very good pricing to draw people to them, but in reality they aren’t recycling.”

Herb says it is important to choose a waste hauling service that only uses certified recycling facilities. “We go with the most reliable recycling facilities in the area,” he says. “Living green is important. If you’re going to recycle, you want to make sure that the recycling facility you’re using is doing the job right.”

AYD is committed to providing efficient and reliable recycling and refuses hauling to construction companies and commercial businesses in the Austin area. For further information about AYD’s services or to request a free recycling or waste management quote, please call AYD at 512-272-5400. Alternatively, visit and fill out the online contact form.

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