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Austin's #1 Commercial Hauler
Construction Recycling for New Austin Affordable Housing Complexes

Construction Recycling for New Austin Affordable Housing Complexes


At Your Disposal (AYD) Waste Services is currently providing waste management and construction recycling during the development of two new local apartment complexes. Targeted towards veterans, seniors and low income families, the two complexes will be working closely with the nearby Veterans Administration Outpatient Clinic and key social service agencies in the area. The project is being conducted by the Austin Affordable Housing Corporation (AAHC) to provide more affordable housing options in the area. In order for potential residents to qualify, they must make 60% or less of the median area income, or $51,000 annually.

The two complexes, the Villages at Ben White and the Pointe at Ben White, will be located to the northwest of the Austin-Bergstrom International Airport.  Once complete, there will be a combined 443 new apartment units available to local veterans and seniors. The garden-style apartments will be located in three-story buildings spread across a picturesque neighborhood community. Ground broke for the $37.6 million project in September, 2014, and is expected to be completed by December.

A LEED certified project, both the architectural design and the construction process of the Ben White apartments must follow strict guidelines to ensure minimal environmental impact and maximum environmental sustainability. AYD Waste Services is certified by the US Green Building Council to meet LEED standards for construction waste recycling. For the apartment complex development, we are currently providing over 20 40-yard roll off dumpster rentals to recycle construction debris, with more being added to ensure proper recycling. This size dumpster is ideal for accommodating large amounts of typical construction debris, such as drywall, wood scraps, plastic, packing materials, etc.  All refuse that is recyclable will be hauled to appropriate recycling facilities for processing and properly documented.  

For additional information on construction recycling services from AYD, Waste Services, visit For a free quote, fill out a contact form or call us at 512-272-5400.  

AYD Provides Hauling and Recycling for Green Water Redevelopment Project in Austin

AYD Provides Hauling and Recycling for Green Water Redevelopment Project in Austin

A massive redevelopment project is currently underway in an up-and-coming area of Austin, Texas. Complementing the newly constructed Austin Central Library and the redeveloped Seaholm Power Plant, the Thomas C. Green Water Treatment Plant will soon be a bustling mixed-use residential and business complex. AYD Waste will be providing roll-off dumpsters, hauling and recycling services for the redevelopment of the Block 23 segment of the Green Water project. Once completed, this will be a high-rise office complex over 500,000 square feet in size, and almost thirty stories tall.

This project is part of a drastic transformation currently underway in this area of Austin, Texas. What once was an area populated only by utilities and factories will now be an urban live-work-play development, a concept growing in popularity in cities throughout the country. Trammel Crow’s 1.7 million square-foot development will include an upscale high-rise apartment building, a variety of retail establishments, dining options and office buildings. Throughout the duration of the construction process, AYD will be providing 20 yard dumpsters for bulky refuse, such as concrete and metal, as well as 40 yard dumpsters for all other typical debris, such as drywall, wood scraps, packaging, plastics, etc. The development is projected to be completed by November, 2016.

AYD Waste serves residential, commercial and industrial projects throughout Austin, Texas, as well as the surrounding areas. We take pride in being a Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certified waste management company, meeting strict standards for green building practices laid out by the City of Austin Green Building Council. AYD will be hauling refuse and recyclables, taking it to appropriate recycling facilities whenever possible. Unbeknownst to many, over ninety percent of debris is recycled by AYD at a typical construction project. We are very proud to be a part of the redevelopment of the Thomas Co. Green Water Treatment Plant.

AYD is Excited to Provide Services to Three Upcoming Luxury Apartment Developments

AYD is Excited to Provide Services to Three Upcoming Luxury Apartment Developments


At Your Disposal, Inc. is excited to be providing recycling and hauling services to three apartment communities being built just south of Austin. Two of these luxury complexes are under construction in Kyle, and the third is underway in Buda. All three communities will house more than 300 units.

The city of Kyle offers a small town feel while also providing easy access to larger Texas cities. It is strategically located close to major highways, airports and railways, making it a short trip away from Austin and San Antonio. The city also offers a wide range of outdoor activities, including four local parks, various biking and nature trails and a lake with fishing opportunities.

Skybeck Construction is the full service contractor and project management firm in charge of construction for both apartment communities being built in Kyle. Their portfolio includes everything from affordable housing to multi-million dollar developments. The company prides themselves on their high quality standards, skill and integrity. The two luxury complexes will be named, “Trails at Plum Creek” and “The Strand Apartments.” We are assisting in both projects by using our waste management expertise to ensure all debris is recycled and hauled correctly. We are providing two 40 yard dumpsters to the Trails at Plum Creek and one 40 yard dumpster to the Strand Apartments, with many more expected.

The unique city of Buda offers a wide array of experiences. They are home to many historic landmarks, such as their famous Severn Stagecoach House and Historic Stagecoach Park. They are also known for their downtown shopping district with everything from antique stores to modern boutiques. Make sure to stop by the Buda Soda Fountain for an old fashioned environment and a sweet treat. Some more conventional offerings include various recreational parks and trails, and a wide selection of delicious BBQ restaurants. Additionally, Buda is famous for their annual Buda Country Fair and Wiener Dog Races, which take place every April.

Journeyman Construction, Inc. is handling the construction in Buda for the “Carrington Oaks” community. Journeyman is a local Austin Company that holds an impressive portfolio of condominiums, higher education facilities, parks and recreation facilities, retail, office buildings and more. They were named one of the 100 fastest growing construction firms by “Entrepreneur” Magazine. They also have a strong commitment to environmental awareness, and provide LEED training to all project management employees and field staff. AYD is providing two 40 yard dumpsters and a 20 yard dumpster to this project, with many more expected.

We are excited to be a part of these growing cities and are committed to keeping them clean and green with the most advanced recycling and waste management practices.

Renting Construction Dumpsters for New Apartment Community in Austin

Renting Construction Dumpsters for New Apartment Community in Austin

We are currently working with Watermark Commercial Contractors with the construction of new 410-unit apartment complex in Austin. Situated north of Downtown near Austin State Hospital, the apartment community will be located at 4108 Avenue F and does not yet have a name.

We have multiple dumpster sizes on site to accommodate the various types of debris and refuse generated from the construction. One 40-yard dumpster will collect all of the general waste like paper, cardboard, plastic, glass and wood. A smaller 20-yard dumpster is also on site to collect concrete. This size is essential for collecting and transporting bulky and heavy materials like brick, concrete or even dirt to ensure safety of the construction workers, AYD employees and the staff at local landfills and recycling centers.

First, the 20-yard dumpster is a bit easier to fill which is important when you’re loading heavy items that are more difficult to handle. Second, this size is much harder to overload. A dumpster that is overfilled is heavier which means more expense for the contractors. It can also be a safety hazard because heavier dumpsters may be harder to load on our transportation trucks and more difficult to empty.

Both dumpsters are “on call.” This means that we’ll haul each dumpster to be emptied whenever it is required. This flexibility means that the construction job can stay on schedule and won’t be delayed waiting on a dumpster.

We’ve assisted on the construction of student housing for the University of Texas campus in Austin as well as other apartment complexes and office buildings. The city is ever-expanding and we pride ourselves on supporting the local economy and the growth of our city.

If you’re working on apartment construction in Austin, please call us to discuss your waste management needs. We have a variety of dumpster sizes available, offer same-day service and can provide a flexible hauling schedule to meet the needs and goals of your project.

We’re Providing Recycling Hauling in Austin for New Student Housing Construction

We’re Providing Recycling Hauling in Austin for New Student Housing Construction

We’re currently working with JE Dunn Construction on a new 6-story student housing development near the University of Texas at Austin’s west campus. We’ve stocked the construction site with both 20-yard and 40-yard dumpsters, and we’re providing regular recycling hauling.

The new student housing is located at 24th Street and San Gabriel and will be called Regents West at 24th. It is a sister-site to the Regents West at 26th student housing building located just a few blocks away. Both apartment communities offer efficiency studios up to five-bedroom apartments with a variety of unique floor plans. Located within walking distance of the University of Texas at Austin, the apartment community will also offer a regular shuttle service to transport students to and from campus. Other amenities include wireless high-speed internet, a study lounge, a 24-hour fitness center, and on-site maintenance. Regents West is currently leasing units for the upcoming 2014-2015 school year.

In Austin, it is mandatory for all construction sites to recycle debris. As a LEED AP-certified recycling hauler, AYD is ready and well-informed to provide recycling hauling services for Austin residents, businesses and new development. On brand new construction sites, we easily recycle 95-98% of all construction debris materials, which often include concrete, drywall, wood, metal and paper.

Per LEED requirements, we also provide clients with an exact, calculated breakdown showing the total tons of materials hauled and the percentage recycled. In addition, we’re able to provide multiple hauls each day if needed, swapping out dumpsters and transporting loaded dumpsters to the appropriate recycling center or landfill. This keeps construction projects running smoothly and efficiently.

Based in Kansas City, JE Dunn Construction has been in the industry for more than 85 years. The company expanded outside of Kansas City and now counts 20 office locations across the United States. In 2012, JE Dunn ranked as the twelfth largest general building company in the US.

For more about our services and environmental initiatives, please visit our About Us page.

Renting Construction Dumpsters for School Construction in Austin

Renting Construction Dumpsters for School Construction in Austin

We have been working on some exciting projects with the University of Texas at Austin all summer! Back in May we worked with Spawglass and Precision Demolition during the remodeling of the university’s geography building. This was a hefty job—during almost the entire month of May, we did three or four hauls a day, picking up and dropping off the 20 yard concrete boxes from the site.

Now we are doing even more work related to the University of Texas. You have probably heard about the exciting new Regents Buildings, which are student housing complexes going up on 26th Street and 24th Street near the university. These are brand new, upscale apartment style student housing buildings, and they are way cooler than the dorms that any of us had when we were in college. The Regents on 26th complex is almost done, and they have started showing models. You can also see pictures of the rooms on the Regents Facebook page. For this building, we have up to six dumpsters on site at a time. The dumpsters we have been using are 20 yard concrete boxes and 40 yard construction dumpsters for the debris.

The building on 26th Street is wrapping up in time for school to start, and we have just started work on the Regents on 24th Street this month. Because the job is just beginning, we are currently using a 40 yard construction dumpster, but as the project gets rolling more, we will also have 20 yard concrete boxes and more construction dumpsters on site.

We have been really happy to work with JE Dunn, the general contractor, on these two projects!

It is a popular time for school construction in Austin right now… we are also working with the Lake Travis Independent School District on the remodeling and construction of Hudson Bend Middle School, which is an ongoing project that we are using 30 yard dumpsters and 20 yard concrete dumpsters for. This is another substantial job—currently we have eight dumpsters on site, which are all being hauled daily!

For more information about how to rent a dumpster in Austin, check out our FAQ!