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Austin Dumpster Rental Company AYD Waste Services Lands Four New Recycling and Hauling Contracts

Austin Dumpster Rental Company AYD Waste Services Lands Four New Recycling and Hauling Contracts

At Your Disposal (AYD) Waste Services, an Austin, Texas, dumpster rental and construction recycling company, has recently signed contracts to service four different businesses and projects in the Austin area. These include hauling and recycling for the Radisson Hotel remodel in downtown and construction of an corporate office, wood recycling for a Wesco convenience store, and providing trash compactors to Wayne Fueling Systems’ headquarters.

At Your Disposal (AYD) Waste Services, an Austin-based dumpster rental and construction recycling company, has recently landed new contracts to service four different businesses and projects in the Austin area. Continue reading “Austin Dumpster Rental Company AYD Waste Services Lands Four New Recycling and Hauling Contracts”

AYD Waste Services Lands Recycling and Hauling Contracts for Several Construction Projects in the Austin Area

AYD Waste Services Lands Recycling and Hauling Contracts for Several Construction Projects in the Austin Area

At Your Disposal (AYD) Waste Services, an Austin, Texas, dumpster rental and construction recycling company, has recently signed new contracts to supply recycling and hauling for several projects in the area, including construction of the Independent, the tallest skyscraper west of the Mississippi; construction of a luxury high-rise condo tower and a senior living facility; and the demolition and remodel of a medical research facility.

With Austin’s construction boom continuing in full swing, business is good for At Your Disposal (AYD) Waste Services, an Austin-based dumpster rental and construction recycling company. Recently, the company has signed new contracts to provide dumpsters, recycling and hauling services for a number of large construction projects in the Austin area.

One of the new contracts is with Balfour Beatty Construction, to supply dumpsters and hauling of debris during the construction of the Independent, a 58-story luxury condo tower. Once completed next year, the Independent will be the tallest skyscraper west of the Mississippi. AYD is supplying 40-yard roll-off dumpsters for metal recycling and construction and demolition recycling, and 20-yard roll-off dumpsters for concrete and masonry work.

A second contract recently signed by AYD is with Harvey-Cleary Builders, for two of their newest construction projects: a luxury high-rise condo tower off Barton Springs Road, and The Village at the Triangle luxury senior living facility. AYD will be providing 20-yard roll-off dumpsters during work at the high-rise condo, and 40-yard roll-off dumpsters at the senior housing project.

AYD has also signed a contract recently with Centennial Builders, to be the primary recycling hauler for all of Centennial’s projects in the Austin area. This includes providing a 40-yard roll-off dumpster for recycling construction and demolition during remodeling of the Dell Pediatrics Research Facility off Barbara Jordan Boulevard in Mueller.

“Austin’s growth spurt has been incredible, and we can see new construction and building projects starting up all across the metro area,” observes Chuck Herb, owner of AYD Waste Services. “It’s exciting to be a part of all this, to be able to supply much-needed recycling and hauling services amidst all the construction that is going on.”

Information about other projects AYD Waste Services has worked on can be found online at For additional information about this company or to request a free quote, visit

About At Your Disposal (AYD) Waste Services, Inc.: 

At Your Disposal (AYD) Waste Services, Inc. provides recycling and refuse hauling to the greater Austin, TX area. The company offers roll-off dumpster rental, waste disposal services, compactor rentals, construction debris removal, and hauling of recyclables, junk and more. AYD offers same-day service. Committed to protecting the environment, AYD is a LEED-certified waste collection company and participates in the Texas Environmental Quality Initiatives Program as well as local community beautification projects. To learn more about AYD and the services offered, please visit

Construction Recycling for New Austin Affordable Housing Complexes

Construction Recycling for New Austin Affordable Housing Complexes


At Your Disposal (AYD) Waste Services is currently providing waste management and construction recycling during the development of two new local apartment complexes. Targeted towards veterans, seniors and low income families, the two complexes will be working closely with the nearby Veterans Administration Outpatient Clinic and key social service agencies in the area. The project is being conducted by the Austin Affordable Housing Corporation (AAHC) to provide more affordable housing options in the area. In order for potential residents to qualify, they must make 60% or less of the median area income, or $51,000 annually.

The two complexes, the Villages at Ben White and the Pointe at Ben White, will be located to the northwest of the Austin-Bergstrom International Airport.  Once complete, there will be a combined 443 new apartment units available to local veterans and seniors. The garden-style apartments will be located in three-story buildings spread across a picturesque neighborhood community. Ground broke for the $37.6 million project in September, 2014, and is expected to be completed by December.

A LEED certified project, both the architectural design and the construction process of the Ben White apartments must follow strict guidelines to ensure minimal environmental impact and maximum environmental sustainability. AYD Waste Services is certified by the US Green Building Council to meet LEED standards for construction waste recycling. For the apartment complex development, we are currently providing over 20 40-yard roll off dumpster rentals to recycle construction debris, with more being added to ensure proper recycling. This size dumpster is ideal for accommodating large amounts of typical construction debris, such as drywall, wood scraps, plastic, packing materials, etc.  All refuse that is recyclable will be hauled to appropriate recycling facilities for processing and properly documented.  

For additional information on construction recycling services from AYD, Waste Services, visit For a free quote, fill out a contact form or call us at 512-272-5400.  

Construction Recycling for Sustainable Hotel Construction

Construction Recycling for Sustainable Hotel Construction


We are proud to be a LEED certified company, qualified to supply waste management for LEED certified construction projects required to adhere to strict guidelines for green building as dictated by the city of Austin and the US Green Building Council. Our most recent LEED project is the construction of a new Home2 Suites hotel, by Hilton Worldwide.

Home2 Suites is the newest brand put forth by Hilton in nearly 20 years. Intended to be an affordable hotel with sustainability as their key focus, the Home2 Suites line of hotels has only be around for about six years, but has been growing steadily. As a LEED certified establishment, the hotels will have a variety of environmentally friendly practices, internal operations, appliances and amenities. This Home2 Suites hotel is being constructed under general contractor G2 Construction. AYD will be providing our hauling and recycling services for the newest Home2 Suites in Austin, located along Highway 183. The project will cost $5 million, and when complete will have 87 rooms.

Throughout the duration of the project, AYD will supply 30-yard roll-off dumpsters to collect waste material. Of this, we will be able to recycle approximately 98 percent of all construction debris. This includes materials such as drywall, sheetrock, cardboard, wood, aluminum and plastics. Austin is known for their green initiatives, and we’re seeing more green building practices gaining popularity throughout the area. Austin’s dedication to sustainability serves as an inspiration to other cities. AYD hopes to continue contributing to this environmentally responsible trend, participating in the Texas Environmental Quality Initiatives Program and local community beautification projects.

Why a Professor in Texas is Living in a Dumpster

Why a Professor in Texas is Living in a Dumpster

how to live in a dumpster

Just call him “Professor Dumpster.” Dr. Jeff Wilson, a professor and dean at Huston-Tillotson University in Austin, is living in a dumpster. For an entire year. The classic hunter green 33-square foot recycled trash can is where he eats, sleeps and checks his email. The goal of this project is not just to raise awareness — though Dr. Wilson is certainly succeeding in that regard — but to study sustainability issues and low-impact living. The dumpster also serves as an interactive teaching lab and as the project progresses students apply new ideas to mock dumpsters in their lab before implementing them in the actual container.

The Dumpster Project is responsible for creating and developing the dumpster habitat through hands-on interactive and education. The dumpster is just one percent the size of a typical American home, so Wilson’s goal is to consume just one percent (or maybe even less) the energy and resources of normal homes while also reducing waste to just one percent as well. The project has three phases, and students have signed on to trade off with the professor and live in the dumpster. He hopes to install a television and a washing machine and dryer outside the dumpster. For now, the project is in the “camping phase.” Wilson lives his daily life inside the dumpster. He makes coffee and schleps nearly an hour to collect water from a nearby lake.

The final phase of the project, aptly named “über dumpster,” aims to convert the dumpster into a sustainable tiny home. The Dumpster Project team will consult with designers, engineers and even landscape architects to transform the dumpster into an innovative and habitable home. Pairing new technologies with “old school” methods, the project will include water filtration, climate control (especially important in the sweltering Texas summer heat), waste reduction and even a garden.

The project will last one year. To prepare, Wilson spent several months sleeping on the floor of his University office.

Read more about this incredible endeavor and see pictures of the habitat in progress:

Photo credit: © The Dumpster Project

Got a Big Housecleaning Project? Rent a Roll Off Dumpster

Got a Big Housecleaning Project? Rent a Roll Off Dumpster

Large roll-off dumpsters are common on construction sites around Austin. These full size containers collect all kinds of debris, from concrete to glass, trees and scrub brush to cardboard. These materials are hauled to local recycling centers and energy plants for reuse and recycling.

Roll-off dumpsters, however, have uses beyond the construction site. Smaller sized dumpsters are an excellent option for homeowners undertaking large housecleaning projects or renovations.

Whether you need to clean out a cluttered garage or are gutting and renovating your kitchen, roll-off dumpsters can collect the refuse and AYD will haul your debris. 20-yard dumpsters are the most common size for household projects and residential use. The larger size accommodates a variety of jobs without filling up too quickly or requiring more hauls. This size also helps you get the job done faster because you won’t be delayed waiting for frequent transports to and from the landfill or recycling center.

Roll-off dumpsters are open at the top which makes it easier to throw trash in. These dumpsters are delivered to your home on a specialized truck that is outfitted with a tilting flatbed for easy loading and unloading.

We can place a dumpster anywhere on your property as long as our trucks have easy access to drop off and pick up the dumpster. If you’re part of a homeowners’ association (HOA), please check with them for rules and regulations regarding the placement of dumpsters and the duration you’re allowed to have dumpsters on your property.

We can collect and haul all kinds of debris, but there are a few items that cannot be placed in our dumpsters, including electrical power plugs, tires, appliances, paint, chemicals (such as household items or anything harmful for the environment), gas, motor oil, antifreeze and more.

AYD Waste can perform multiple waste and debris hauls during your rental period and return the empty dumpsters to you should you need more pickups.

If you’re undertaking a large project at home, contact our representatives today for pricing and details on residential dumpster rental.

Renting Dumpsters in Austin for Seaholm Power Plant Demolition and Redevelopment

Renting Dumpsters in Austin for Seaholm Power Plant Demolition and Redevelopment

AYD Waste has recently begun a demolition project in downtown Austin as the first phase in the redevelopment of the Seaholm Power Plant and the surrounding properties. The power plant has become a beloved historical landmark in Austin, and was originally set to be demolished completely, but was saved by citizens of Austin and city officials who want to retain the plant’s historical and cultural value.

The Seaholm Power Plant was built in the 1950s, and its iconic art deco architecture is part of what has made it so beloved by the city. The redevelopment project is set to create over 200 jobs and $2 million in tax revenue as the power plant and the surrounding property are transformed into a mixed use residential, commercial, and cultural development. The project is set to be designed around the architecture of the historical, art-deco Seaholm Power Plant, and will cater to Austin’s historical, cultural, and business needs. The design includes plans for shops, restaurants, apartments, and cultural venues.

AYD is pleased to announce our work with Flintco and Precision Demolition on the project. We have leased full size construction dumpsters to the demolition portion of the work, which should result in 60-75 hauls of construction waste, much of which will be recycled. We are very happy that Seaholm has been saved and look forward to seeing the new development.

Responsible Waste Management Reduces Greenhouse Emissions

Responsible Waste Management Reduces Greenhouse Emissions

waste management company recycle

AYD Waste Services strives to be a responsible waste management company by recycling any materials that we can. Reduction and recycling have more environmental benefits than just energy and resource consumption reduction. Did you know that landfills contribute to global warming through greenhouse gas emissions? According to the Environmental Protection Agency,  decomposition that occurs in landfills creates methane, which is a greenhouse gas that is 21 times more potent than carbon dioxide. Additionally, the incineration of waste at landfills creates carbon dioxide and the transportation of waste does as well. When you recycle, you add less material to contribute to methane and carbon dioxide production.


photocredit: Kevin Penhallow / photoxpress